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If you don’t live locally you are invited to join casual classes as they become available  or join us via our new Online Studio which holds a beautiful collection of classes, meditations and playlists to create a home practice you’ll love!

Our Classes

Flow Classes

With a gorgeous blend of traditional and modern yoga postures and sequencing, these classes will get you moving and energised but also add some balance with some deep stretching, mindfulness and relaxation. 

Sunday 4pm (Teacher varies)

Monday 5.30pm (Mel)

Tuesday 5.30pm (Loz)

Thursday 5.30pm (Esther)

Aerial Yoga

These classes are SO much fun! We explore Yoga with the aid of our beautiful silk hammocks. We fly, we get upside down, we explore movement and wrap up in a cocoon for relaxation! Definitely a class not to be missed!

Friday 5.30pm

Saturday 9.30am

Gentle Flow

A slower Flow provides a more accessible class to those that might need that little bit more support, whether you are nursing an injury, aches and pains or just feeling beyond your age, we can cater for you in these classes.

Tuesday 6.00am (Sam)

Tuesday 7.00pm (Gina) Beginners Course

Friday 9.30am (Mel)


Mat Pilates

Build some core strength and stability in our mat pilates classes with Tania. All the practices you would expect in a pilates class with gentle, mindful instruction.

Monday 1.30pm

Intuitive Movement

This exciting new class is based on the Non-Linear Movement Method and is a great practice for beginners and advanced students alike. Jess’s class is very accessible, gentle and liberating for those of you who find traditional movement challenging.

Monthly…Please Enquire

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced class targeting the deep muscles and connective tissue in the body. A flow of 3-5 minute holds will encourage you to tune into sensation in mind and body. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed but also nice and stretched out!

Wednesday 6.00pm

Beginners Course

Build some core strength and stability in our join Gina for an introductory course in yoga. Suitable for every body, you will be guided through the basic postures, technique, breathing and mindset of a yoga practice.

Tuesday 7.00pm

Restorative Yoga

Come and enjoy some deep rest and relaxation in our monthly Restorative session. We use bolsters and blankets to support your body and guided breath work and meditation to settle the mind

Monday 7.00pm (Monthly…check socials)

Kids Classes

Get your kids moving and breathing on the mat and in the Aerial Hammocks. Great for stress relief and relaxation and for those kids who just don’t suit team sports!

Monday 4pm (SCHOOL YEARS 3-6)

Tuesday 4pm (HIGH SCHOOL YRS 7-10)