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We would love to share a weekend retreat or one of our amazing events with you!


A 1-Day Retreat abundant in deep, quality restful exploration of the mind-body. A delicious gift for a full system reset and energy rejuvenation.

SUNDAY 18th June
At the Studio in Goulburn
Gorgeous Valerie’s lunch and snacks included.

Gift yourself the essence of feeling truly rested, deep down into the bones of your being. A day of soul nourishing practices such as Nidra (yogic sleep), Restorative yoga, Yomassage (yes that’s right yoga with massage is correct) and compassionate co-regulation. This immersion will explore the art of being deeply seen, seated in euphoric awareness of your innate truth and TRUE REST. Not resting to recharge so we can continue to exhaust our energy stores. But truly resting because we are WORTHY.

If what we’ve been doing keeps running us into complete depletion…then it’s worth trying something new isn’t it? In this immersion we will explore just that.

The day is designed to massage deeply into the nervous system providing a firm foundation of regulation, calmness and tranquillity. If you’ve been chasing your tail trying to catch up on sleep, relieve stress from the tissues, or counteract one too many coffee’s you’ve had to keep yourself awake…embarking on this journey with us is bound to bring you a deep sense of relief and remembering, of the state of peace that is attainable in you.

REST is our BIRTHRIGHT. You are WORTHY of rest.

We’ll be nested among the glorious studio with mountains of pillows and blankets (feel free to bring your own extras too), with two very experienced facilitators (Loz & Mel) in the art of Yoga Nidra, restorative practices and soothing the nervous system. You’ll become well acquainted with the power of co-regulation, slowing down for a moment and how to lovingly coach our nervous system into finding steadiness to rest when it’s been living off the fumes of fight or flight for so long. Yomassage will be the highlight of our menu with the option to receive small, gentle, compassionate massage to areas of the body in different restorative practices (take my word on it, that it is divine!) but of course you can opt to leave the massage out of your experience!

You’ll leave with a grateful heart, not for us but to yourself for providing such powerful compassion to the soul and rekindling your relationship with rest and with a deep sense of tranquillity within your systems.

It’s going to be an incredible journey, we can’t wait to meet your gaze there and share that sense of deep inner peace within the space of radiant rest.