Your Teachers!!

We have been gradually adding some beautiful new teachers to the timetable. They are all AMAZING! They all have their own unique way of offering you a yoga practice and they’ll support you in your practice, whatever it might look like!

Don’t feel bad about not clicking with a particular teacher, it’s kind of like deciding how you best like your tea…not everything (or everyone in this case) will work for you!

Whether you’re after something strong to scare away the crazy, a deep rest or something in between, we’ve got a teacher who can hold space for you!


Mel Champion


Mel has been teaching in Goulburn for a whopping 15 years. Her studies, completed while her boys were toddlers have expanded to include Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Philosophy in Practice as well as Yin and Restorative Yoga. In 2019 (right before the dreaded lockdowns) our permanent studio space opened and she’s worked hard to build on her amazing teaching staff and yoga community ever since!

In 2023 Mel ran her first Yoga Teacher Training from the studio and has been successfully mentoring teachers for the past few years. You never quite know what to expect when you turn up for class as Mel teaches very intuitively BUT this also guarantees an authentic experience in the studio.

Esther Macgregor 

Esther took another step in her yoga journey 9 years ago when she completed yoga teacher training at Shakti Vinyasa in Seattle. Esther is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Mum to her gorgeous daughter and is currently working as a Primary School Teacher after some intense years of study!
For Esther, the yoga mat provides a place for restoration of the soul, for healing, clarity and mindfulness. A safe space to leave life’s baggage behind, release stress, become stronger and more flexible. She wants you to ‘find the ease in the effort’ and remember it is ‘yoga practice, not yoga perfect’.
You will find Esther’s classes energising and nurturing, but still physically challenging. Esther wants you to experience the flow of unified breath and movement leaving you with a sense of calm, relaxation, peace and lightness.

Sam Williams

When first starting her yoga practice, Sam always found it as a place of refuge from the busyness of the day-to-day. She teaches from that exact place now!
Sam loves to be able to support everyone’s needs in class, no matter what stage they’re at. Class is a place to relax but also to find comfort in your individual practice, where your body will allow you to go.
Off the mat Sam loves to spend my time reading, painting and also her job as a preschool teacher! 
Yoga has always been a beautiful place to just be yourself and continues to be that for her as a teacher.


Melanie Goodwin

Mel started practicing at Life Yoga 8 years ago when she was a gym junkie and major stress head! She joined up initially to stretch out my super tight muscles and for stress release. She soon discovered that Yoga was so much more and it has had a profound effect on her life!
She loves practising many types of yoga but my passion is teaching the slower-paced styles as she’s all about calming down the nervous system. Mel is a schoolteacher by trade and has a keen interest in the positive effects mindfulness and yoga has on her students. She is currently training to become a qualified kids and teens yoga instructor and her interests outside the studio include reading, reality tv shows, cooking, podcasts and spending time with her family.

Cara Robinson

Cara is a mum, partner, performer, unionist and local primary school teacher who is an ardent advocate for universal arts and critical thinking education.

She endeavours to weave elements of her passions for voice, language and drama – through mantra and body movement and awareness techniques – into the classes she offers to nurture a deeper connection to yogic practice.


Kirsten Webber

A mother of 4, Nurse, Uni Student, Kirsten loves animals, swimming, hiking, reading and spending time with people who feel like sunshine (who doesn’t!?). With a stressful job and very little quiet time at home, Kirsten loves to give herself and others the gift of Yoga Nidra. She also takes great joy in a mindful Slow Flow class. She loves getting lost inside of her practice and has learned to step away from the pressure of yoga being perfect or looking perfect.
She wants yoga to feel accessible for everyone and support others to feel comfortable joining her on the mat.

Ash Hogan

Ash loves the freedom yoga provides. It’s a way to move her body without rules or expectations. No matter how she feels at the start of practice she always feel lighter at the end. Aerial is her favourite style, it is just SO MUCH FUN!
When she’s not on the mat, Ash is either chasing her 2-year-old or working in hospitality management.

Life is a balancing act, right?

Nicole Pace

Jess Erving